Mikhail Golichenko Legal Counsel, Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network

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Mikhail Golichenko

Mikhail Golichenko is an advocate (legal counsel) registered with the Moscow Bar and Saratov Bar Association in Russia.  He is involved in several strategic litigation and policy development cases promoting comprehensive packages for HIV prevention among people who inject drugs in Russia.  On behalf of the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network, Golichenko leads human rights research and advocacy to address drug policy issues in Eastern European and Central Asian countries, largely through a legal empowerment approach.  Previously, Golichenko served as a Legal Officer with the UNODC Country Office for the Russian Federation in Moscow, and worked in UN Peacekeeping in West Africa as well as with the Russian police service.  Golichenko has a degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences (Ph.D. equivalent) in Russian civil law, and has authored several publications on law, policy issues and human rights in Russia and internationally.


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